Covid-19 measures

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the tourist activity in Hostalric in reference to COVID 19

Update 19/10/2020


The COVID-19 pandemic led to Spain’s declaration of the State of Emergency and a general lockdown since 14 March, followed by a progressive plan to gradually return to normal, ensuring the protection of public health, aiming to avoid a possible resurgence of cases, protect the most vulnerable people, and ensure proper monitoring of those affected and their contacts.


After passing through the various stages of the COVID-19 lockdown exit, Hostalric will be joining the new normal. This new period involves a gradual resumption of the usual activities while the necessary prevention and health measures are maintained. It is necessary to be cautious, respect the prevention measures and follow the recommendations of hygiene.


Prevention and safety measures have also been established to prevent the spread of coronavirus and ensure the well-being of all visitors. Among them, the general disinfection of the Castle, the establishment of capacity controls and social distance measures, the elaboration of infographics with the sanitary measures to be adopted by the visitors, or the creation of QR codes with the touristic information.


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