Tornar enrere

La Crosa Volcano

The La Crosa Volcano is located in the town of Vilobí d’Onyar. 

Its crater, with a diameter of 1,250 metres, is the largest on the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest in Europe. Although we cannot be certain about the period in which it was formed, its good state of preservation indicates that it’s a fairly recent volcano that erupted in the quaternary period, like those of Garrotxa and Llémena Valley. The site occupied by the La Crosa Volcano, covering almost 200 hectares, is a Protected Area of Natural Interest managed by the La Crosa Consortium. A festival is held at the end of the year that includes a fun walk around the volcano, pony rides, bouncy castles, arts and crafts stalls, etc.

The volcano is reached from the road from Girona to Santa Coloma de Farners, between Aiguaviva and Sant Dalmai, close to the Guilloteres area (approximately at km 8.5). There you will find information panels on the volcano and its activity, a vantage point and suggested routes around the crater.