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The facilities in the Domus - Can Llensa are suitable for hosting all different types of private or professional events and celebrations.

The exclusively-designed, comfortable and welcoming space is equipped with an auditorium and eating area. It is a fantastic option for events such as: cookery courses and workshops, private parties, tasting sessions, show cooking, recordings and company meetings, among others.


Group gastronomical activities

What would you prefer – a tasting session or a cookery workshop? You choose!


Tasting session

- Hostalric Aperitif: glass of cava and typical sweets from Hostalric.
- Hostalric Tasting: tasting session with a selection of local cold meats and a glass of wine.
- Sweet tasting session: tasting session with home-made cakes from the Massinis bakery and a shot of Catalan liqueur.
- Traditional dishes: sample a selection of traditional Catalan dishes elaborated by local restaurants.

Cookery workshops

Guided cookery workshops to learn about and appreciate the most distinctive dishes of Catalan gastronomy. At the end, you will be able to sample the dishes that you have made.

- Tomato bread workshop: learn how to make a simple but delicious dish, and enjoy with a glass of wine.
- Arròs a la cassola (rice casserole) workshop: sofrito, fish, meat... everything in the pot to make this rice dish, inspired by the sea and the mountains.


Consult the catalogue of gastronomical experiences or let us know what you want and we will create a tailor-made workshop just for you.


Renting spaces

The Domus Can Llensa offers you the chance to rent fully-equipped spaces. If you want to organise a private event, a meet-up with friends or family, a company event, etc, we offer a comfortable, welcoming and exclusive space. For companies, we offer a space with professional and technical equipment for presentations, speeches and corporate meetings. For private groups, we offer an exclusive and private atmosphere with all the necessary commodities and with a fantastic views of the castle and medieval town.

For more information and prices, please contact us using this form.


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