Tornar enrere


You can follow the Tourdera Trail on foot or by bicycle, following the fluvial courses of the Tordera river and the Arbúcies stream, and links the Mediterranean Coast (Costa Brava and Barcelona Coast) with the Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve of Montseny

The route starts from the Font Bona (Sant Marçal), where the Tordera river is born, and ends at the mouth (the Tordera delta), following the Tordera river for 75 km, or following the Arbúcies stream for 65 km.

In Hostalric, the route of La Tordera and the stream of Arbúcies has a route of 6.1 km, of which 0.6 km are part of the branch of the stream of Arbúcies and 5.5 km correspond to the main route of the route that follows the river Tordera. 

You can also do the route in sections. From Hostalric, you can go to Fogars de la Selva (route), Massanes (route), Gaserans (route) and La Batllòria (route).

Check the map of the route.