The Domus Sent Soví Gastronomical Centre is located in Can Llensa. The building was originally built in 1898 by the entrepreneur Alfons Llensa i Plademunt as a cork factory. In 1914, when the First World War broke out, the company was forced to close.

During the Civil War, the building was re-built to use as a local school.

In the mid 70s, the Town Hall bought the estate from the Llensa family and in 2004, it was renovated so that the Civic Centre, the Senior Citizen’s Centre and the Modest Salse library could be located there.

A few years later, and with the aim to boost the local economy, the Town Hall decided to transform the installation into a gastronomical centre to promote local products and producers by organising activities linked to cooking and gastronomy.

The space was designed by MSB Estudi Taller d’Arquitectura and all labour was carried out by local companies and professionals. In 2010 the Domus Sent Soví Gastronomical Centre opened. It is also the headquarters of the Tourist Information Office.

The Gastronomical Centre is named Sent Soví in recognition of the Catalan gastronomical tradition. This medieval recipe book, written in Catalan, is the oldest cookery book in Europe written in vernacular language.

It contains more than 200 recipes which had a great impact in their era. Currently, in the XXI century, they are coming back to life in this domus, the home of the Catalan gastronomical tradition.