La Selva gastronomy

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Set between the sea and the mountains, La Selva is a land of contrasts thanks to its strategic location and geographical features. This distinctive and contrasting personality is expressed in a richly varied cuisine which has evolved through an exclusive combination of local produce. The cuisine of La Selva offers a memorable and exciting experience. Based on the tradition of coastal and inland Catalan cuisine, the high profile of the county’s gastronomy is achieved by remaining faithful to local recipes and traditional products: a combination of sea and mountain cuisine to enjoy with all five senses!

Selva boasts an array of local products that shape the county’s distinctive cuisine. The special characteristics of the products reflect their geographical origin, coming from areas as diverse as the Costa Brava and the area straddling the Montseny and Guilleries massifs, located deep inland.

Hostalric is famous for its cold meats and hand-crafted sweets. In the butcher's shops, you will find traditionally-made cold meats following family traditions that go back years, and in the patisseries and bakeries you will find traditional hand-crafted sweets and desserts. Some of these products carry the quality seal “Hostalric, producte Ric” awarded to products that are made in the village and represent it.